We believe...

  1. in one God, eternal, who has manifested Himself to mankind in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  2. that God created everything and knows the future.
  3. that God's fundamental nature is love.
  4. that all of Mankind is afflicted by the sickness of sin and rebellion. Every human being is born with this condition, with the sole exception of Jesus Christ, because His father is not human.
  5. that Jesus of Nazareth was born to Mary, a virgin, and is the 'Word made flesh'. (the Pre-Mundane Personal Logos - John 1:1)
  6. that the purpose of the incarnation was the salvation of men and restoration to fellowship with God, because of His love.
  7. that Jesus lived a perfect life of obedience to God, fulfilled the Law of God perfectly, and represented all of humanity in an act of personal sacrifice to God, his Father.
  8. that God the Father poured out his anger upon Jesus, our substitute, at his crucifixion. (Penal Substitutionary Atonement)
  9. that the obedience of Jesus Christ, our substitute, vindicated the righteous anger of God and erased the cosmic offence of sin for everyone who will believe the gospel and turn to God in repentance.
  10. that Jesus died, was buried, and then raised from the dead by the power of God into permanent physical resurrection, as witnessed by hundreds of people.
  11. that Jesus ascended into heaven to a position of glory and absolute authority over all the affairs of heaven and earth.
  12. that Jesus will return to the Earth in power and great glory, on the day that the Father has chosen, to put an end to all sin and rebellion of Mankind. (Second Coming)
  13. that every human being who has ever lived will be raised from the dead, given a new body, and judged according to what they have done. (Judgment)
  14. that Christ rules his body, the Church, through the Holy Spirit, who is given to dwell forever in every believer at the moment that they are regenerated (born again).
  15. that the regeneration of the believer is a second and deliberate act of creation, making Jesus Christ the ancestor and federal head of all believers.
  16. that every regenerated believer was chosen by God before the creation of the world (Unconditional Election).
  17. that the principal mandate given to the church is to bear witness to the Kingdom of God, making disciples of Christ from every nation of the earth.
  18. that the Holy Spirit accompanies the work of the church with all kinds of manifestations, both natural and supernatural, and that there is no cessation of 'charisma' gifts until Christ returns.
  19. that the Bible is inspired by God and normative for the faith and life of all believers. Any doctrine that contradicts the Bible is to be rejected.